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The Birth of the  Bethlehem  Foundation
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About Us


The Birth of the Bethlehem Foundation


Our history


Introduction To Our Organizations


Organization Structure


Our Service


Our Future


Our Location


Introduction TO Our Organizations

The Bethlehem Foundation

North District Infant Developmental Center

Merciful Mother Kindergarten


The Bethlehem Foundation

    The Bethlehem Foundation was established in March 1997. With love, Father Brendan O’Connell expects to provide service to children with developmental delays, bringing them power and hope while at the same time foster the public’s recognition and acceptance.


The history

1.Feb. 25th, 1997: The Education Bureau of the Tainan County government approved the establishment of the Foundation.

2.March 24th, 1997: Registration as a Legal Person at the Tainan District Court.


The service is targeted at

1.Normal children aged 3 to 6.

2.Children with developmental delays aged 0 to 6.



The mission

1.To motivate an early intervention system and pre-education.

2.To provide therapeutic education to children with developmental delays.

3.To publish books related to early treatment.

4.To provide consulting service for parents with regards to early intervention, and to organize related social education.

5.To organize academic forums related to early intervention on the pre-school level.

6.Establish networking with related medical and social institutions, and further integrate family and community service systems.


We believe

God creates this colorful world, with various living beings sharing the same one earth in diverse ways. The diversity of human society is a precious asset we value. We believe a child will not lose himself when living in a diverse environment, but rather come to understand more about himself and others. With time, he will cultivate the strength and wisdom to confront various tasks in life.


TEL:06-7830456 FAX:06-7830839 EMAIL:bethlehe@ms32.hinet.net

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