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The Birth of the  Bethlehem  Foundation
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About Us


The Birth of the Bethlehem Foundation


Our history


Introduction To Our Organizations


Organization Structure


Our Service


Our Future


Our Location


Introduction To Our Organizations

The Bethlehem Foundation

North District Infant Developmental Center

Merciful Mother Kindergarten


Merciful Mother Kindergarten

1.The history

   (1)In 1971, Father Lee Wei-Tien founded the Merciful Mother Nursery School, and ran the nursery until early 1992.

   (2)In 1992, the Merciful Mother Kindergarten was registered at the Education Bureau of the Tainan County government.

   (3)On the 25th of April, 1997, the Education Bureau agreed that the kindergarten restructure the board of directors, and be re-established under the Bethlehem Foundation.


2. Service target:Children aged 3 to 6.


3.Class size:20 normal children and 5 children with special needs.


4.Our educational ideals

   (1)To motivate inclusive education.

   (2)To assist children to develop with balance through adaptive learning.

   (3)To enhance children’s learning abilities through systematic education.

   (4)To assist children to develop their utmost potential through team services.

   (5)To improve parental capabilities by encouraging parents to actively participate in our services.


    In May 1998, the Merciful Mother Kindergarten was evaluated by the Education Bureau of the Tainan County government as having excellent performance in “pedagogy” and “environment.”


6.Our characteristics

   (1)We motivate inclusive education.

   (2)We emphasize diverse intellectual developments.

   (3)We respect individual differences and learning uniqueness.

   (4)We construct systematic “ learning areas” in each classroom.

   (5)We design an individualized educational plan (IEP) for each child, and record his or her learning process.

7.Our visions

   (1)We hope that our inclusive education can win more support and 

      recognitions from parents and the community at large.

   (2) We hope to offer children with developmental delays more 

       opportunities for normalized education.

   (3) We hope to fully realize our ideal of inclusive education.


TEL:06-7830456 FAX:06-7830839 EMAIL:bethlehe@ms32.hinet.net

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